Impact on Recruitment and Retention

Each fall, the Sustainability Literacy Assessment survey is emailed out to new students across all colleges and programs. In the spring semester, the same questions are emailed out to graduating students. Response rates have declined in recent years. In Spring 2019 the completion rate was 11%, in Spring 2022 the completion rate was only 3.5% (57 out of 1607). Although this makes it difficult to draw any specific conclusions, the results are nonetheless interesting.


 When asked if Humboldt's commitment to sustainability was a reason you chose to come  here, only 27% of Spring '22 respondents said 'yes'

27% of Spring '22 respondents indicate that Cal Poly Humboldt's commitment to sustainability is a reason they chose to attend. 


When asked if they agree that their understanding and awareness of sustainability related issues has increased since they became a student at Cal Poly Humboldt, 69% of respondents in Spring '22 said they agreed or disagreed.

 69% of respondents in Spring '22 indicate their understanding of sustainability has increased while at Humboldt. (This question was left off the Spring 2020 survey).


67% of survey respondents in Spring '22 would prefer more sustainability-related content in their courses

67% of respondents want more sustainability content in their courses. (This question was left off the Spring 2020 survey).