About HACS

Humboldt Advisory Committee on Sustainability

The Humboldt Advisory Committee on Sustainability (HACS) was established in 2017 as a reflection of the campus’ commitment to sustainability as a strategic priority. HACS is responsible for advising the Office of the President and members of the President’s Cabinet on specific actions the campus can take to further the integration of sustainability into the core focus areas of campus operations, academics, infrastructure and engagement. Furthermore, the Committee fosters dialogue, supports the advancement of goals identified in sustainability-related plans and assessments, assists with metrics tracking and provides a venue for campus organizations, units and programs to work collaboratively to promote sustainability throughout campus.

Committee Charge

Annual Report


A Definition of Sustainability for Humboldt

The committee bases its work on the following definition of sustainability:

Sustainability is the recognition that humanity is a part of the natural world, not separate from it, and that healthy social and economic systems depend on the health and resilience of ecological systems. 



Two Co-chairs

  • One faculty co-chair appointed by the VP of Admin & Finance and the Provost
  • One standing appointment co-chair: Director of Sustainability or designee

Five students appointed from the following organizations:

  • Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
  • Green Campus
  • Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program
  • Associated Students
  • At-Large

Four faculty members:

  • One faculty member appointed by the University Senate
  • Three faculty members appointed by the Provost

Four Auxiliary Services staff appointed by:

  • Housing
  • Dining Services
  • The University Center
  • Athletics

Six staff members appointed by:

  • Staff Council
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Budget Director
  • Director of Academic Resources
  • Director of Parking Services
  • Director of Custodial Services

One At-large community member

For More Information

For more information on HACS, when it meets or how to join, please contact:

Morgan King, HACS Co-Chair | Morgan.King@humboldt.edu | 707-826-5899

Dr. Laura Levy, HACS Co-Chair | Laura.Levy@humboldt.edu | 707-826-3165